Emotions and Politics

Emotions and Politics

Is it okay to feels emotional about politics? The issues people are concerned about are people. I am thankful people are concerned about each other, it gives me great hope.

“It’s not like it’s a clear divide of ‘My candidate won and I’m not stressed’ and ‘My candidate lost and I’m stressed,'” says Lynn Bufka, an associate executive director of practice research and policy at the APA. “There is a level of stress happening that seems to transcend the political parties. That is a little unusual. It appears, collectively, that there is a level of stress about what’s happening in the country and what’s going to happen to the future of our nation.”

Do Politics Impact All of Us?

It seems people are finding different ways to participate that feel meaningful to them. There is a question I hear from folks: Am I doing enough? People are starting to process  emotions with friends, family, on Facebook, Twitter, at a birthday parties, while watching the Oscars. They are discovering what they love and what is worth their time and energy.

Joanna Ford, 46, a licensed counselor practicing in Denver adds “People are saying, ‘I lost some friends because of this.’ Or, ‘My cousin stopped talking to me on Facebook.’ I am seeing that both sides are impacted. Even people who are not interested in politics can’t not be at this point.” Politics impact people and people are emotional beings.

You Are Allowed to Feel How You Feel

The quotes have been taken from a follow up article The Emotional Divide of Trump’s Presidency. I think the comments are interesting, and it gives a glimpse into what people think. The comments vary from supportive to critical.  I am here to say, you are allowed to feel how you feel. You are allowed to have emotions. It is not stupid or ignorant to have emotions.  Everyone gets to decide how to manage their feelings and emotions themselves.  If you need support dealing with how you feel, please reach out and ask for help. Politics impact people and people are emotional beings.

2 thoughts on “Emotions and Politics

  • Thank you for such a wonderful post. As someone who feels stress on a daily basis about politics, it’s really helpful to read that “it’s ok” to feel the way I feel.

    • You are welcome. Thank you for the comment and for supporting my practice. Thank you also Chris, for sharing what you are feeling and being open to hearing opinions that are different from yours.

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