Self Care Monday


Here we are at the start of a new week again! The possibilities are endless. There is more to do, more to not do. I hope folks can think of all of the tasks, but also the non tasks.  Monday may seem like a rough day after the weekend, but we are moving forward no matter what.

The First Day of the Week? 

Monday may not be the beginning of your week. Yet for many people it is. Even if it isn’t for you, the beginning of any week evokes the same feelings. Do you worry about all that you have to do? Does the weight of the coming week make you anxious? Nervous? Even scared? Can we allow ourselves the time to plan a nap, a walk, time with friends or family, or what ever self care means to you?

It is the First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

There is no denying that. If you need support, please reach out. It can be hard for people to face certain days. Certain days come with expectations and anxiety. Be kind to yourself.

Songs About Monday

There are a lot of songs about Monday. I have provided the links for a few. Do you have a favorite song for Monday? The first one is great, he cannot find his Monday morning shoes. We have all been there.  I hope you can find your shoes today.







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