Heartbreak is Emotional, Physical and Spiritual


Heartbreak comes in many different forms.  When we think of heartbreak, we often think of a romantic relationship. Human beings can have their hearts broken in so many ways.

Hope Brings Heartbreak

When we hope for peace and love for our community of human beings, it can be devestating when our hope is lost. How can we move forward with the physical and emotional pain that we carry?

Emotional and Physical Pain from Heartbreak

Pain from heartbreak is real. If you feel it in your body, “your body is speaking your mind.” Many people believe the heartbreak is an emotional, physical and spiritual journey.

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Spiritual Pain from Heartbreak

Spirituality can take a hit when hope is lost.  Some people can loose their faith in their belief system when the suffering is so great.  It makes sense. If we share our energy with a greater power, why does it betray us? This is a question that is considered in most belief systems. Maybe our beliefs change during our lifetime to reflect our experiences.


Healing is a journey. we may feel broken or as if we have failed when our heart breaks. The journey to healing is a road that we all deserve to take. Advocating for what we need is a skill we must practice.

If you break your arm you might get a cast to hold it in place until it is no longer broken. You give it the time it needs. You heart and soul deserve the same.

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