Reacting to Horror

Reacting to Horror

How do you manage when you wake up to horrible news? Most people are dealing with personal challenges. Some would say waking up is a blessing. When I searched horror and news, scary movies came up. Are we immune to horror in the news?

Does Horror Distract you?

Do you feel distracted all day by all of the news? I have heard of people limiting their exposure to the news. This is a good idea. The news is ever present and it can be hard to get away from.

Is Self Care Working?

When your community is devastated can you think about yourself? Is it okay to? Self care is always discussed because it is important. We may still struggle, but it is good to keep up with routines, eat well, stay hydrated, find comfort in other beings, get enough sleep and use your unique strategies. Please reach out for support if needed.

How To Stay Grounded

There are a lot of suggestions on how to stay grounded when feeling overwhelmed. Focusing on our breath is something to try.  You are always allowed to take a moment to check in with your breath. The Hug,  from is described below.

 “The Hug. (5-8 minutes.)

This exercise deepens and anchors positive feelings and messages. It is taken from EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing), a trauma processing method. The method employs bilateral physical stimulation (in this case tapping), which, combined with positive spoken messages, is said to deepen and anchor positive feelings. The sentence can also be spoken silently.

Put your right hand palm down on your left shoulder. Put your left hand palm down on your right shoulder. Choose a sentence that will strengthen you. For example: “I’m a good enough helper”. Say the sentence out loud first and pat your right hand on your left shoulder, then your left hand on your right shoulder.

Alternate the patting. Do ten pats altogether, five on each side, each time repeating your sentences aloud.”

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