Menstruation Taboo

Menstruation Taboo
People experiencing menstruation are often seen as unclean. This association as well as many others associated with menstruation have been found across cultures and geographies, says Clue. Menstruation is a signal of reproduction. The menstruation taboo has been created by people.

Keeping It A Secret
Were you taught to manage your period privately? Was it considered a secret? Secrets can lead to shame. Jane Usher, a professor at Sydney University, says, in an interview for, everything in terms of the female body that leaks, menstruation, breast milk, even sweat are seen as atrocious, bad or unworthy.”

Teaching anyone that anything about their body is bad can have an impact that is lifelong. If one bleeds from their body and we’re not allowed to talk about it, problems can arise. When a person has a question they are not allowed to ask, the confusion can almost certainly lead to shame.

Writing about Periods
When you write or talk about periods, folks can become uncomfortable. People often say: that does not impact me, I am too old, I am too young or they simply change the subject. There is a book called Everybody Poops, it tells us that all animals poop and have always done so. Everyone Does Not Bleed so I guess it warrants no book.

Breaking the Menstruation Taboo
Kiran Gandhi was preparing for her first Marathon. If you have trained for any race, you know it is a lot of work. Have there been times when you had plans, a trip, a date, an appointment or an important event, and you wanted to cancel or did cancel because you were getting your period? She ran the marathon with no tampon or moon cup: “in a radical act to prioritize my own comfort, I decided to bleed freely and run.”

2 thoughts on “Menstruation Taboo

  • The ending in your post beg the question to be asked. What did ‘they’ as in others say about her choice?

    Everybody poops is like only men get to fart and it’s okay. The light a fart is a boy ritual of passage. Maybe we should have a ‘I bleed more’ contest…just kidding. Maybe a menstual pad burning ritual and call it burning woman.

    I like your style, Joanna!

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