The Top Ten of 2017

The Top Ten of 2017

2017 has been quite a year. You were courageous. You survived. Do you have a top ten list? Your top ten might not be what you think they are. They might be all the moments in between.

Reflecting on Your Top Ten

There will be many lists. Top ten movies, top ten news stories, top ten books, top ten restaurants, and the top ten you tube videos.  What’s in your top ten?

When women spoke out about sexual assault with the #metoo movement?

Hurricanes, fires, shootings, and politics all  threatened the safety of our world. Which one of these made your top ten? Whether they made your list or not, they all impacted you in some way.

The Moments in Between 

How did you cope? What skills did you use? The moments in between might tell you something. The moments you allowed yourself to breath were truly the most important. The inhale and the exhale are the top two moments for sure. Did you reach out to a friend? Did you listen to music, write, paint, cry, laugh, take a walk or watch a show?

Recognize The Moments

Recognize that you made it, you put one foot in front of the other and you are in this moment. You do not have to do anything but breathe. And when the external forces pull you in some direction, you can always take a moment. Please do.

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